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We make the Web work for you

We write software to help smart people do their jobs better and help companies compete online based on what they are good at. That’s important work, because on the Web, the bar is constantly being raised. This is great for consumers --- the amount of information available for finding products and services is amazing. But for people selling products or promoting services, what’s good for the consumer often means a lot more work.

The reality is that many very smart people still spend a lot of time doing dull tasks related to reformatting, approval routing, merging and managing information. We work to eliminate those dull tasks, allowing people to focus on creating new ways to serve customers better.

For companies, the explosion of information online means the need to manage more information in more places with less control. If technologists are involved in core communications and customer services processes, your competitiveness becomes about how good you are at managing IT, not about what you actually do. We work get IT out of day to day online communication and customer service