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Recent surveys from industry observers and vendors like Marketing Sherpa and have that shown quality matters for email marketing:

  • Recipients are 70% more likely to open targeted messages than untargeted, broadcast messages and 66% more likely to act on them --- even when they have opted to receive mail from the sender.
  • Recipients report being more than 5 times as annoyed by email that they did not request than by opt-in messages, and 40% more annoyed by direct mail than opt-in email.
  • Repieints reported trusting opt-in messages 13 times as much as messages they did not request, twice as much as direct mail and three times as much as paid search engine listings.

iData's CommLink email platform can help you send relevant, informative messages to people who want to receive them.  What's more, our deliverability services can help ensure that your message makes it to the in box (and that it's legible when it gets there).  We know because we test.

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