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iData Launches Spanish e-learning site

1/9/2014 - Today iData technologies launched the beta version of a new Spanish language learning site,  The site, which is intended to supplement rather than replace traditional classroom or online classes, includes a tool for learning Spanish verb forms, a directory Spanish learning resources, and a blog.  The Spanish verb form tool, which is free to use, is unlike other similar online resources in several important ways:
  • Unlike other sites, which typically provide a limited number  of pre-defined verb conjugation exercises, offers an almost unlimited number of exercises from which users can select the verb forms (number, person, tense and mood) they most need to practice, and they can complete as many exercises as they need in order to thoroughly learn verb forms.
  • remembers every exercise a user has completed, and uses spaced repetition to zero in on verbs that users most need to review.
  • The site also offers a dashboard of user performance that let users see areas they most need to work on as well as how they have done to date on each kind of verb form.
iData plans to continue upgrading this site, both by expanding the resource directory and adding flashcards and other capabilities by the second quarter of 2014.