Synapse CommLink Opt-in Email System

Surveys continue to show that even in an era of rampant SPAM, properly designed and executed email campaigns improve customer retention and satisfaction and can increase sales.

Whether you use opt-in email to promote products to customers or to keep in touch with members through a newsletter, you need a tool that lets you easily design, send, and track professional-looking, targeted and legally compliant email campaigns. With iData’s Synapse CommLink™ email platform, you can do all this from your web browser.

CommLink™ Email System Features and Benefits

WYSWYG HTML email development. Non-technical users can quickly and easily develop attractive and professional email campaigns using the Synapse WYSWYG content editor.
Custom email templates. To ensure uniform, high quality design, you can easily create a library of templates customized to your look and feel. These templates can then be reused as a starting point for future email campaigns. Templates can be created and maintained using the Synapse WYSWYG editor, or they can be imported from an application such as DreamWeaver™.

Campaign approval workflows. CommLink™ uses the granular security model and flexible workflows of Synapse Publisher™. This means users can be assigned specific roles in the email process, with handoffs between users managed by the Synapse workflow manager.

Targeting and personalization. CommLink™ allows you to select the exact groups of users that should receive each message, so you can target particular segments of your user base. Our personalization functionality will dynamically assemble content to be included in a message based on the interests that your users have identified, so that each user gets a custom message specific to their needs.

Comply with anti-SPAM laws. In a recent compliance audit of 1,057 organizations with a prominent online presence, 66% were found to violate the US CAN-SPAM legislation, but only three of the 1,057 actually engaged in spamming. In most cases, the noncompliance resulted from companies not understanding the law or not having the technical means to comply. CommLink™ guides you to create legally compliant mail and --- most importantly --- automates the back end unsubscribe and opt-in processing that is essential to compliance.

Single-confirm or double-confirm subscription processing. Using CommLink™, you can maintain the integrity of your email subscriber lists by configuring either single-confirm (subscribers are sent a confirming email) or double-confirm (subscribers are sent an email to which they must respond) subscription processing.

Bounced mail processing. CommLink™ automatically captures bounced emails and reports on them to help you maintain your email list and prevent future email from being sent to invalid addresses.

HTML/plain text versions. CommLink™ lets you design and send email that contains both HTML and plain text versions. If the recipient’s email client is configured to not display HTML text, the plain text version is displayed instead.

Real-time click/conversion/unsubscribe processing. Synapse CommLink™ lets you display the results of each campaign on a real-time basis. A Campaign Results screen shows counts for recipients who clicked through to the Website, and those that clicked the unsubscribe link.

Campaign results reports. Full reporting on the results of email campaigns is provided, including numbers of messages sent, number that had errors, number that bounced, the number forwarded and the number where users clicked through to your Website.

Recipient email history. For any email recipient, you can easily see each email that has been sent and the results of that mail (opened, clicked through, or unsubscribed). Future campaigns can be designed based on email history (e.g. additional discounts for customers who always click through).

Deliverability services. iData Technologies provides training and professional services to ensure that your organization can be effective not only in sending email, but also in ensuring that it is delivered to the recipient’s inbox. We work with industry leaders in deliverability monitoring and email quality assurance to ensure that your messages reach your audience.

To learn more about using CommLink™ to power your email campaigns, contact iData.