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SEO Toolkit
When combined with iData's Synapse Search™ SEO Toolkit, the Publisher CMS becomes a powerful SEO tool. Publisher and the Search SEO Toolkit empower, educate and guide content authors to optimize their own content, dramatically reducing the need for external SEM consulting. Learn more about the Synapse Search™ SEO Toolkit .

The Synapse Publisher™ Web Content Management System (CMS) puts control of your Web content directly into the hands of those with something to say and eliminates the need for skilled technology professionals to be involved in everyday Web maintenance. Automated workflow management ensures that the correct approval processes are followed, and use of design templates ensures that your design standards can be implemented once and then automatically enforced.

Unlike many systems on the market today, implementing Synapse Publisher does not mean adapting your site or your business to the CMS. The Publisher CMS is highly configurable, and will adapt to your business processes, your look and feel requirements and your unique content requirements. The open, fully documented application programming interface (API) and the rich set of pre-built controls mean that creating custom templates designed around your specific requirements is easy.

Publisher CMS Features

Leverage built in capabilities of ASP.NET. Synapse Publisher is built around Microsoft’s powerful ASP.NET® Web Development platform, and leverages built-in capabilities like role and sitemap providers to allow you to make the most of the rich set of built-in functionality offered by the ASP.NET platform. 

Easy-to-use content authoring tools.   Publisher uses the industry leading Telerik HTML editor for ASP.NET .  This browser-based, WYSIWYG content editor combines the key features required by writers (inline spell check, paste from Microsoft Word®) with core features needed by designers (stylesheets, image libraries, and dynamically-generated links) without overwhelming the user with complexity.  The wide array of content editing functions (up to and including directly editing source XHTML) can be configured to match your requirements, and different users can have different sets of options based on their security rights and level of skill. 

Graphical data entry form builder.  Synapse Publisher includes a graphical form builder that lets non-technical users easily add data entry forms and surveys.  Responses are logged to the database and, optionally, emailed to you.  Workflow integration means that you can be prompted to take action when users complete certain forms on your site.

Granular security. Synapse Publisher uses the familiar User/Group security model. User groups and their default permissions are user-defined for the site. Access permissions may then be defined for any item of web content, anywhere in the website. This makes members-only content, content for which registration is required, and other custom access scenarios a breeze. User Groups may even be set up as customer-managed, meaning your web users can instantly subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters, email bulletins, and special content areas. 

User-defined workflow. Author-managed publishing of web content does not mean loss of management controls over web communications. In fact, built-in approval workflow, with email notifications, enforces controls while eliminating delays and bottlenecks. 

Multilingual. Whether you service global markets or have a diverse domestic customer base, a multilingual website can be essential to show your customers that you’re serious about their business. Synapse Publisher seamlessly integrates multiple language versions of content, and provides translation management tools to automate translation workflows. 

Rich management tools. In order to truly manage a large content site, you need tools that tell you what’s going on with the site and it’s content --- who has changed content, what has changed between versions, what needs to be translated and what content is expiring. Synapse provides these tools, including a unique “what changed” feature that presents the differences between two versions of content using color coding and strikethrough text to highlight differences. 

Content scheduling and expiration. Content can be prepared in advance, and automatically set to go “live” on a future date. Similarly, content is automatically removed from view on the website on its expiration date. 

User-defined content types. By using an object-based rather than a page-based approach to content management, Publisher provides unmatched flexibility. Basic content types are predefined (such as web pages, press releases, events, FAQs, and downloadable resources), but new types of content are easily added, and customizable templates mean that options for displaying content are unlimited.

Fully customizable template library. Standard templates for a wide variety of content types are furnished and are easily customized. Templates include essential features such as dynamically-generated menus, dynamic site maps, event calendars, customer contact forms, customer profile pages, and more.

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