DD Employee Self Service Application

The client: The Cuyahoga County Board of DD (CCBDD) provides services and supports to more than 8,000 boys and girls and men and women in Cuyahoga County. CCBDD is best known in the community for early childhood centers, schools, adult activities centers and group homes, but they provide many other services including everything from in-home early intervention programs for very young children and their families to leisure programs for seniors.

The challenge: The open enrollment process at CCBDD was paper- and labor-intensive, involving sending each staff member benefits information by mail, receiving and processing paper replies from each and every staff member and entering the information received into the CCBDD HR system. CCBDD desired to automate this process, making it less labor intensive, less expensive in terms of
postage and printing, less liable to errors, and more convenient for staff.

The solution: iData developed an online Employee Self Service (ESS) benefits enrollment application integrated both with the CCBDD HR system and CCBDD network
security authorization.   Using this system, staff can enter benefits selections which are automatically imported into the HR system, and staff can use administrative screens for resolving any errors or issues that arise.

MR/DD Application Development

The results: Using the ESS system, employees are able to enter and update demographic information, dependents, and benefits selections. The open enrollment process is substantially less labor intensive and substantially more convenient for staff.