Search Engine Optimization Services

At iData, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about helping you to be found by the people who are looking for your unique product or service offering in your market.

There are tricks (Black Hat SEO and Search Engine Spam), but you don’t need them and we don’t use them. After all, will someone who was tricked into coming to your site really be a happy customer?

iData’s Search Engine Optimization Services include:

Keyword Analysis: iData can conduct a thorough keyword assessment and topical strategy to develop a list of keywords and phrases to target for optimization. The goal is to identify the most relevant words that are likely to be searched on and identify from this list the terms that have the least competition.

Content Analysis: iData can analyze the content of the site to map existing content to the keywords identified. This exercise helps to target pages for optimization for specific keywords and identifies gaps where content needs to be created in order to draw search traffic.

Page Evaluation and Tuning: iData can create and integrate tuned title tags, Alt tags, descriptions and density-enhanced keywords and phrases for selected key pages of the site.

Content Management: iData can implement software that will let users manage the content of the site without help from programmers or web designers. This allows you to fill out the gaps in your content without paying for updates.

Initial page evaluation and tuning would be included in this effort, and can use the Synapse Search™ SEO Toolkit component of the content management system to do ongoing tuning without technical help.

To make business sense, this step would need to be matched with an effort to identify more content to post to the Web and opportunities for adding customer service / value added capabilities to the site (e.g. a password protected client-only area where valuable information or reports are available).

Link Popularity Development: Link popularity is the measure of the quantity and quality of sites that link to your site pages. Because link popularity influences how search engines find, value, and rank your pages, it is critical to have a large number of quality sites that link to the site. iData can begin a link acquisition program to help increase the number of quality sites that are linking to the site.

Pay-Per-Click Set Up and Optimization: iData can set up and initiate a small scale Google Adwords and Overture pay-per-click program for a small, select set of highly targeted keywords and phases that will drive the most relevant and cost-effective traffic to the site.

Monthly monitoring: iData can recommend tools and set up initial reports to allow clients to monitor the performance of the Website on an ongoing basis, or iData can create monthly reports and give clients access to them via the iData Website.

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