Supply Side E-commerce Success

The client: Supply Side is the leading supplier of packaging, shipping, moving and storage products to the specialty retailer, selling to over 9,000 such outlets in the USA and Canada.

The challenge: Supply Side’s online ordering capabilities were limited, with substantial re-keying of orders limiting the potential for online growth. The company needed a more automated solution, but they also needed to expand their capabilities in order to meet the needs of the specialty retailers they served. In addition to standard business to business e-commerce, Supply Side required the ability for customer orders to be routed to appropriate people within the customer organization for approval based on defined order authority thresholds. They also required the ability for security privileges to be placed on products, with Supply Side staff able to easily control which customers saw which products.

Supply Side USA E-commerce Success

The solution:
iData replaced Supply Side’s existing e-commerce site with a new site running on our Synapse Publisher® CMS platform. In order to ensure that orders flow seamlessly from the Web into Supply Side’s FACTS ERP system, iData implemented our .NET FACTS connector, a component that provides a native .NET interface to the FACTS XML API Toolkit.

The result: The new Supply Side Web site includes the ability for customers to order online, the ability to view order history (with role-based security allowing managers to view order history rollups for multiple users based on their security level),the ability to re-order from a previous order or an order template (which can be defined at the user, location or company level), the ability to enforce order minimum values, and the ability to route orders for approval by the customer’s purchasing department and the ability for customers to print custom product lists with customer-specific pricing on demand. Finally, product security ensures that customers see only products that they have the ability to purchase.