Why translate your Web site? 

For many businesses and industries, growth has already reached a plateau in their home markets, and they see the most potential for revenue growth in emerging markets.  

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Many economists now predict strongest long term growth in the BRIMC countriess (Brazil, Russia and Eastern Europe, India, Mexico, China). They predict  

  • These countries will account for >40% of global GDP by 2050
  • China, then India predicted to be largest auto market (overtaking US)
  • By 2025, >200 million individuals earning > $15,000 USD 

In China alone, GDP grew tenfold from 1978 - 2005, high tech imports grew 45% in 2006 alone, and wages grew 8.4% in 2006. 

Of course, translating your Website is not just for exporters.  Native Spanish speakers were 14.4% of US population in 2005, up from 12.5% in 2000, and the largest 500 Latino-owned businesses had $36.6 billion in revenue in  2007 up from $3.71 billion 1983.

Without a Content Management System specifically designed to facilitate translations, translating and maintaining a multilingual site can be a nightmare.  Schedule a demo of the Synapse Publisher CMS today and see how easy creating a multilingual site can be.