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comScore 12/2010 Report: Welcome to the Mobile World

Posted 2/7/2011 9:29:10 PM by Mark Reichard

comScore released their report on Mobile device market share today (2/7/2011) for the 3 months ended December 2010, and two points about the report are striking. First, for those who have been following the Android v. iPhone battle (which now even includes a Super Bowl ad), it is notable that the market share of iOS devices was basically flat, while Android devices are up 7.3% --- surpassing iPhones for the first time to reach 28.7% of the market.  At the same time, RIM (makers of BlackBerry devices and still -- for now --- the leading maker of smart phones) saw their share fall by 5.7%.  People have been saying for a while that RIM was in trouble, based on survey data showing that most Blackberry users really would rather have an iPhone, but at this point it looks like Android has been picking up the market share lost by RIM.  Of course, with the Verizon iPhone entering the picture, things may swing decisively back Apple's way.  In any case, it looks like for now Android and iOS devices will continue to battle for dominance while RIM loses share.

The other striking point about comScore's report was the sheer market penetration of smart phones.  More than 63 million people in the US currently own smart phones --- up 60% from a year ago.  At this rate of smart phone growth --- and with lots of new tablet devices coming out in 2011, it's time to be thinking hard about mobile apps and/or a mobile Web site if you have not already done so.     

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