Helping you fulfill your mission

We are all at our best when we are serving others, whether they are clients, constituents, partners or the public. At its best, technology connects you with the people you serve and makes it easier to fulfill your mission. For fifteen years, iData has been helping government, non-profit and commercial clients connect with their world.

Who we are

iData is a boutique Web and software development firm serving government, non-profit and commercial clients. We have excellent relationships with our clients, and the majority of our work is repeat business. View details »

What we do

We work with a variety of technologies in several markets, but everything we do has a common theme. We help our clients better serve their constituents by making products, services and information securely available over the Web. We are not primarily a marketing, PR or communications firm. We are not artists. We use technology to help our clients deliver their core services over the Web. View details »