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Data visualization gallery

Mapping congressional districts

Here is a simple choropleth map of LIHEAP benefit data by congressional district. It was created with Microsoft Power BI and MapBox.

Service planning dashboard

This is a proof of concept dashboard highlighting overdue and expiring Individual Service Plans for people served by Medicaid HCBS waivers. The data is all sample data imported from Excel but in production the data would be pulled from a system like iData’s Plan Manager, BrittCo Software’s Board system, Primary Solutions’ Gatekeeper System or the new DODD statewide ISP platform.

Referral Outcome Reporting

This report was developed in Power BI for iData’s Plan Manager Referral tool to provide insight into referrals during the past year, provider responses and how often a provider was selected (shown here with sample data). This report highlights the interactivity of Power BI visualizations – clicking on a service or funding source updates all other visualizations on the report page to display data for that service or funding source.

Google Data Studio Embedded Graph

This is a very simple bar graph created with Google Data Studio to show a couple of things