Plan Manager – Plan Distribution

Electronic notifications and online distribution save money. Tools for managing paper distribution save time.

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Automating service plan and assessment distribution

Electronic distribution

With Plan Manager, providers and families can be notified via email when a new plan or assessment is finalized, and they can access the plan via a secure portal (HIPPA and PII information is never emailed). For those who prefer paper copies, Plan Manager includes tools to facilitate printing and mailing.

One Ohio County Board of DD avoided sending over 29,000 paper ISPs assessments in 2018 by switching to electronic notification. According to Lyra research, that’s a savings of more than $38,000 in printing costs and $39,000 in postage, not to mention paper, envelopes and the administrative time to print and mail 29,000 documents.

Plan Manager’s access log also tracks exactly when providers or family members access a plan, which can be invaluable when questions about notification arise.

Paper mailing

For those who prefer paper copies, Plan Manager includes workflow screens for handling printing and mailing plans. At the same time that electronic copies are sent out, a notification is routed to administrative or records specialist users notifying them of paper copies to be sent out. This screen includes:

When paper copies have been mailed, the administrative user marks the plans as distributed, preserving a detailed record of who received email notification and paper copies and exactly when.

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Screen showing distribution functions

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