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A one-stop place for providers to documents for persons served and find new clients

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Provider Portal

The Plan Manager provider portal allows providers to access service plans and assessments for individuals they serve. Note that providers are linked to ISPs and Assessments by being selected as part of the team in the document itself, so there is no additional overhead to ensure that provider access is current — providers automatically have access to plans on which they are a provider, and if the client changes providers, the old provider does not get access to new plans. When providers log in, they see their caseload and can click on any person served to view documents for that individual. There is also a Find People function that agencies can use to search for a person served by name or local id.

Providers can also access the Provider Portal to search for referrals that have been published by support administrators. Referrals are published to the portal for a limited period (typically 10 days) during which time providers can respond to referrals for services that they are certified to provide. Provider responses are stored with the referral and can be downloaded by the support administrator or a free choice of provider specialist at any time. When the response period is over, the support administrator or free choice of provider specialist shares the responses with the family and schedules provider interviews.

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Provider portal

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