Provider Referrals

Help people who need services and providers find each other.

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Provider Referrals

  • Support administrators create referrals and securely publish them (without PII or HIPPA data) to a provider portal for providers to respond to.
  • Providers can search for referrals by service, funding source and any other criteria you determine.
  • Providers can only see and respond to referrals for services that they are certified to provide
  • Referrals automatically expire after a user determined number of days. Support administrators or a free choice of provider coordinator can decide to repost.
  • Support administrators or a free choice of provider coordinator can download responses and manage provider interviews.
  • Automated workflows manage the provider selection process and ensure that rule-based deadlines are met.
  • Integration with the Plan Manager means that there is a single provider portal with one login that provider access both to view plans for individuals served and to find additional people to serve.
  • Integration with Plan Manager also means that selected non-PII and non-HIPPA data can be pulled directly into the referral from the individual’s ISP or assessment.
  • Integration with external systems such as Gatekeeper eliminates re-keying by allowing demographic and relationship date to be pulled into the referral when an SSA creates it.
  • Templates mean that referrals can be laid out exactly as you decide.
  • A referral dashboard shows all open referrals by funding source and service. Referral reports show who responded to referrals and which provider was selected.

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