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Content Management

Data’s approach to content management has always been focused on developing Web applications that deliver concrete value rather than brochure-ware or branding. We believe that the power of content management is in delivering specific information to users (government staff, constituents, e-commerce partners) and allowing those users to take immediate action (download a ballot, obtain a license, pay a fee or tax, report a problem to government, or buy and sell).

The kinds of solutions that we’ve developed include:

Board of Elections

This site includes interfaces from a CMS-driven Web site to read-only copies of registration and election results data. This allow constituents (voters, candidates, poll workers) to directly access information such as election results, registration status, candidate forms and poll worker training. Security controls ensure that only the right people access information. diagram of BOE site

diagram of BOE site

City, Town and Village Governments

We’ve built dozens of CMS-driven Web sites with interfaces to internal municipal applications that allow constituents to directly access municipal services and foster civic engagement and community. diagram of municipal sites

Municipal site screenshot

e-Commerce sites

We’ve built e-commerce sites for clients ranging from global manufacturers to regional distributors. These have included Interfaces to internal systems such as CRM, ERP, product configrators and client purchasing systems. These sites allow customers to buy in a way that works for them as well as access detailed product information, specifications, training and support. Innovative functions such as quote builders, Web service integration with upstream partners and customers, and white label Web sites for distributors allow our customers to provide sales and service that is a competitive advantage. diagram of municipal sites

Jenne site screenshot