Performance management and data warehouse

Better agency performance through better access to data

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Performance management and data warehouse

iData has extensive experience helping federal agencies use data to improve program performance, including the Low Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Community Service Block Grant program (CSBG). We have also developed ad hoc query capability and reporting functionality for state, county, and local government in applications ranging from Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver service planning to elections results reporting in one of the most watched swing state districts in the US. For some samples, view our data visualization gallery or keep reading to learn more.

LIHEAP Performance Management/Data Warehouse

Working with Apprise Inc., iData developed a data warehouse for the federal Low Income Heating Assistance Program to help grantees, HHS and the public access program and performance data. The data warehouse includes customizable pre-defined reports as well as ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Administrative screens allow non-IT users to configure new reports, meta data and new data fields.

The LIHEAP Data Warehouse allows users to create a variety of data visualizations including standard line, bar, pie, multi-bar, and stacked bar charts as well as maps and combo charts

Performance Measures Chart Types
Screenshot of LIHEAP data warehouse

The site is based on a Drupal CMS with Web services for Data Warehouse database access and a Javascript/single page application front end. Data is imported and validated from the federal Grant Solutions system, and the site is accessible by grantees, HHS staff, contractors and the public.

Screenshot of LIHEAP data warehouse

CSBG Data Warehouse

Again working with Apprise Inc. under the direction of the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), iData is currently developing a data warehouse for the federal Community Service Block Grant program. The challenge for the CSBG project is the the requirement to make a vast array of data available (many times the total number of fields in the LIHEAP database) at a variety of levels (federal, state, and eligible entity) in an easily searchable format. h

Like in the LIHEAP data warehouse, sophisticated ad hoc query capabilities will allow users to zero in on exactly the data they want, and graphing and data download functions will ensure that this data is provided in a useful format.

Screenshot of CSBGP data warehouse