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Developmental Disabilities Agencies

The clients: In Ohio, Medicaid pays for many home and community based services for developmentally disabled persons through though county Boards of Developmental Disabilities. The Ohio Revised Code outlines very specific responsibilities for the 88 County Boards of DD in Ohio, including ensuring that Medicaid Free Choice of Provider rules are followed and creating and executing Assessments and Individual Service Plans (ISPs) for all individuals served. iData works with three of the largest Ohio Counties (Cuyahoga, Stark and Summit) to automate and facilitate provider selection and ISP development.

The challenge:
Cuyahoga, Stark and Summit Counties contacted iData because of significant challenges in how they were handling provider selection and Assessment and ISP development. The systems in place varied, and all presented their own challenges:

Summit County Board of DD logo

The solution: iData first worked with all three counties to develop a Web-based provider search and referral portal for each county. These portal sites allowed persons needing services to find and contact providers, and the referral portion of the site allowed County Board staff to securely publish referrals for individuals needing service. Providers receive email notifications of new referrals can search published referrals for individuals that they can serve. When providers find a consumer that they can serve, they complete a contact form. Email notifications are sent of provider interest, and Board staff is able to download all responses for a given referral and review them with the person seeking services. Referrals are automatically removed from the search tool when a provider is found or when a specified time span has elapsed. The system provides workflow prompts for completing steps in creation of a referral, and provides reports of compliance with timelines set out in the Ohio Revised Code for each step of the provider selection process.

iData next worked with Summit and Stark Counties to develop an online ISP and Assessment tool with similar workflow, notification, reporting and online access features.