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Sports Construction Group

Sports Construction GroupSports Construction Group has been in business for more than 50 years and has been building playing fields since 1987. Their first field was Progressive Field (then Jacobs Field) for the Cleveland Indians, and they have gone on to build 28 major league fields, more than 80 fields for universities and dozens of large scale high school fields for football, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse. When SCG’s advertising firm, Cleveland-based Roop & Co. needed a partner to redesign the SCG site and implement a robust content management system, they reached out to iData.

iData’s Synapse Content Management System allowed the new site to present SCG’s projects and experience in a way that ensured visitors saw the most relevant and interesting content. This was accomplished through:

Related content: when a visitor was viewing a project or service, the most relevant related project and service offerings were automatically displayed in a “related content” sidebar.
Personalization: based on content that the site visitor viewed, news articles and project listings were automatically sorted based on the visitor’s interests.
Taxonomy: the ability to display related content and personalized is made possible by the completely flexible taxonomy tool built into iData’s Synapse CMS. Content can be tagged in whatever way works best –- a via an AJAX tag lookup, a multi-select list, a single select list, checkboxes or whatever else makes sense.

The flexibility of Synapse extends throughout the CMS, making it possible to easily add custom content types and data fields of any type (file upload, rich HTML, date, select lists, etc.). Built-in user controls for things like content display, building forms, e-commerce checkout and accessing remote data such as RSS or JSON) leverage this flexible data storage system to allow for rich Web applications to be built on top of the Synapse CMS –- ranging from human service client systems to e-commerce sales and service sites.